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1,098: Children of Men

Okay, eBay auctions are ending, I'm clearing out more and more stuff that I'm neither taking nor particularly need. Got some banking done just as I realised there would be more to do soon and that I should have waited. Got my car inspected for the travels ahead. Oil change, tire rotation (free, on account of a semi-fictional coupon I discussed with the clerk), and some air filters and ducts replaced and cleaned.

Monday night television is back now, so I went in the afternoon to the last Monday Movie (that's a seat and popcorn for $5) I'll enjoy for some time. Showed up by chance just in time for Children of Men, which wasn't much like Y the Last Man at all.

I've heard there was some digital fakery, but they did some neat stuff with really long takes when the action picked up, trying for that run and gun documentary shooting feel. Also really cool were the flashbang effect of explosions on the soundtrack and the fact that it had something of a trick trailer. The pacing felt pretty good, and there were a variety of nice touches, but (not to spoil, I guess) there were setups that didn't pay off later on. I wonder if the book would explain those away. Four stars, let's say.