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Here we go again....

Hi there, hello & welcome. It's the notArt (b)log mark IV? V? Mark something.

I've heard from enough folks discussing my impending cross country adventure that I ought to write about it so they can all keep anonymous tabs on me, so here I am with a fresh wordpress install. I'm probably not going to bother dredging up the old posts from previous editions, even though the database is probably intact somewhere. It was mostly posts for school assignments that required posting, or short reviews on recently consumed media.

I still like the idea of a log of media both consumed and produced, but maybe this time we'll be going with the full-out journally thing. Has that actually dwindled in popularity, or is that exclusive to people I know, who by now have gotten all this out of their system and gone on to more worthwhile pursuits? I hope it's the former, even though I certainly did enjoy the power livejournal, blogger, xanga, and their ilk provided to remotely spy on the lives of people I knew in high school. (To a point, that is. Reading through too much of almost anyone's later lives made me wish I'd left them as a fond memory undashed by reality and perspective - like the Tigersharks.)

Also, I figured I'd get this thing installed and running before I actually have time to style the page. Probably, I'll get rid of the default layouts sooner than later, but if I waited until I had time for some CSS-hackery, we'd never get started.