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Written by Rob Schultz (human).


Photo by Megan Baker.

Rob Schultz is a stand-up comedian and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

He is best known for comedy in the United States, the exclusive venue of every one of his performances to date, including appearances at SF Sketchfest, the Bridgetown, Cape Fear, Sacramento, and San Diego Comedy Festivals, and his own weekly comedy shows in Los Angeles: the improvised stand-up show Set List at the Pack and the variety show Gangbusters!, now in it's third year.

His fluent grasp of American English and disarmingly honest microphone technique make him the ideal podcast guest.

In addition to his volunteer work in stand-up comedy, Rob is also a video editor with credits on feature films (Brand New Old Love, DDMTA), cable TV (Comedy Central, VICE, TruTV), and all manner of shorts, commercials, and web things. He has also been a member of UCB's LA Digital group, the submissions editor of a notable daily humor website, and the writer and producer of the sketch comedy podcast Better Radio.  He still feels like a lazy Gus.

If you would like Rob to appear on your show, you can get his attention using semaphore flags, like this:

Or you could send a nice email to .

Or you could send a nice email to


Here's Rob performing in front of a really nice curtain at Meltdown Comics in LA.

Previous shows include:  The TOMORROW! Show, Holy Fuck, Big Money, Hand to Mouth, 12 Shiny Nickels, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Sacramento Comedy Festival, Sonoma Laughfest, San Diego Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, The Scramble, Crash This Party, Buzzy Nights, Mystic Mondays, Chatterbox Comedy Night, The Boom Boom Room, Spike the Punchline, Hour Twelve, The Higgs Weldon Live, The Fanfare Talent Showcase, Bruin Up Some Laughs, Keep it Clean (at Public House), Camp Nerdmelt, Field Day, Live on Tape Delay, Mission Position, Cynic Cave, Get Yucked Up, Funnier on the Inside, Fly Ass Jokes, Oyster Bar Comedy, Crashbar, Magic Bag, FLOODLAMP, The Booked Show, Comedy Robot, Think Tank, Casual Friday, Kitchen Sink, No This is the Show, Big Fish, Pizza Day, That's Shoe Biz!, Win Tie or Lose!, Comedy & Cupcakes, Cup of Jokes, The Hate Mail Show, You Kids Get Off My Lawn!, The Old Timey Variety Hour, The Joe & Jeremy Show, The Very Professional Show, The Purgatory Show, Chucklefck Comedy Night, The Important Show, MaxFunCon-Eve* (*not associated with MaxFunCon), Also-Ran Comedy Hour, Rooftop Comedy Stand-Up Showcase at SF Sketchfest, SF Sketchfest Stands Up, Nerdmelt Open Mic guest host, and Co-Host of the Hike Mic Open Meg(aphone), Set List at the Pack, and GANGBUSTERS! Comedy Enjoyment show.


Shorter version of the above bio paragraph for festivals like SF Sketchfest that demand precisely that:

In addition to his volunteer work in stand-up comedy, Rob Schultz is the writer of the scripted sketch podcast Better Radio and a video editor with credits on Comedy Central's This Show Will Get You High, Kroll Show, and the horror-comedy feature film The Selling.