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Escape Room Reviews: Wizard's Workshop

Company: 60 Out
Room: Wizard's Workshop
Date Played: 6/11/17
Player Count: 4, which felt just right.
Success:  Success!

Premise: You know how sometimes wizards accidentally trap their souls in alternate dimensions?  Well it's usually fine because this is why you get yourself an apprentice or four.

Immersion: 60 Out is the king of magic objects, so this room seemed like a natural fit. The production design is pretty great, and the transitions between scenes were each delightful in their own way. Some of the objects were kind of broken though, and others showed a lot of wear and tear. 

Highlights: This company always gives you neat things to do in their rooms that I'm certainly not about to describe in detail here. There are a lot of incidental jokes in this room. 

Lowlights: This room might be a little bit too hand-holdy? I'm not sure that I would have liked anything better if it was set up to have you do all the same things except without the clues / instructions, but the in-room guides cover a lot of what you need to do. I'm not even sure if this is a 'lowlight,' although it does mean that you're sometimes robbed of the 'Aha!' moment. Pre-recorded wizards are a tough thing to make.

And Finally: I don't know what our actual time was, but this room seemed really fast to me. Maybe because we didn't spend as much time pondering as we did moving from task to task and then completing the tasks. I do appreciate how 60 Out seems to have an interest in showing you all of the neat stuff they took the time to build - as though it's more important to them that you have a complete experience than that they have impressively low win percentages. Out of 25 rooms, I'm going to rank this one #6. That makes it my favorite 60 Out room so far, although I would caution that it's more in the school of cool experience rooms than mind-bending puzzlers.

#2,364: The Verdict

Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse - ★★★★★
I've been to a couple of festival screenings of the movie.  We had one at the San Diego Comic Fest and another at a festival here in LA that doubled as a cast and crew screening.  I still like seeing what parts audiences enjoy.  The LA screening was unusual because there was so many cast and crew in attendance that the audience was a little too hot; their laughs stepped all over jokes the regular audiences enjoy.

Alien - ★★★★★
Watched alongside reading the book of production designer Roger Christian, Cinema Alchemist. The movie remains a classic. The book was badly in need of an editor.

Doctor Strange - ★★★½☆
On a rewatch, I was really pleased with how much more filmic, more cinematic, Dr. Strange is than other, similar movies.

I was wrong when I originally guessed that it would be set in the recent past (in order to make it make sense when he's name dropped in Winter Solider), but I'm going to try again by predicting Strange gets into it with Star Lord about when some song from the 70s charted.

The Verdict - ★★★½☆
Man, Lumet, Mamet, Newman.
You know that ridiculous trailer for House of Games, where "David Mamet writes the way people speak" (even though nobody in that movie sounds anything like a human)? It's movies like this one that got all that praise. Plus, I like the way they slow play a reveal so long that you might start to think it's not coming. I feel like the pacing is more a product of its time, but if you did it today it would seem deft.