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Frequency Earth 102: Jettisoned

This week, in Frequency Earth news...

...recording has begun on season 2, even as writing continues. Our production board is slowly changing colors like creepy alien leaves in space-autumn.

...Season one, episode two is now available! This week, The Jeff learns what Command considers disposable, and takes a trip to the ship's casino. The first appearance of fragments between transmissions! The transmissions themselves, including Herding Cats, TMI for the CIA, and The Minotaur! Some people would say that episode 2 is one better than episode 1, but I'd say it's twice as good! Give it a listen!

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How To: Reveal One Layer With Another

I saw a post online where someone was all confused about how to make something like this clip here, so I told him all you need is three layers:

  • Top layer: someone shot on green screen, keyed, with posterize time.
  • Middle layer: foreground art, using top layer as an alpha matte.
  • Bottom layer: background art!

And then that guy was all like, "Isn't there a youtube tutorial that takes 45 minutes to give me that same information? Preferably one full of self-promotional nonsense at the beginning and end?" So...

I made one! Except it's only 96 seconds long. I'm sure I'll learn to pad them out as I go.